About TAG Comics

TAG COMICS ™ Is A Comic Book And Graphic Novel Publishing Company Which Was Founded In July 2018 By Morakinyo Araoye. TAG Comics Is The Brand Name Of TAG COMICS LLC.

The Headquarters Is Located In Lagos Nigeria, And It’s First International Branch Is Located In Hartford, Connecticut. Over The Span Of A Year, TAG Comics Has Rapidly Risen To Prominence To Become The Most Popular Comic Book Company In Africa.

Popular Titles Published By TAG Comics In 2019 Include Dafe, Friends And All Of Mishima, DANFO, KPAKOW, GODFALL, GENERATION RAPTURE And STATE 37. TAG COMICS™ Has So Far Developed Over 500 Unique And Relatable Characters.

Some Of Its Popular Characters Include Dafe, Omax, Edet, Mr Jeans Principal Sir (From Dafe, Friends And All Of Mishima Series), Emeka And The Irawos (From Danfo), Biyi, Chief Adeyemi, Ifalade (From Godfall), Viper,Don Efon And Kpakow From The Popular Comic Series Called KPAKOW.

TAG Comics Offers Comics In The Following Genres: Humor/Comedy, Action, Fantasy, Romance, Horror, Fiction And Sci-Fi.

Tag Comics team

@TAG COMICS in addition to our robust content base, creative and excellent delivery, We confidently boast of a diversified team of experts whose individual/collaborative efforts is the strength of the organization

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