O.K! Let’s start with the biggest betrayal of 2019! In Act of Valor, Dafe gets to see the true colors of his “best friend” Omax. Dafe and Omax decided to pay a visit to the girl’s hostel at an unholy hour and are caught by the school prefects. They decide to run for it, but after a few feet Omax starts to gasp for air. Dafe, seeing that his friend was lagging behind decides to stop and encourage him. Omax however knew he was at his limit and asked Dafe to keep on going, on the premise that he would sacrifice himself. Dafe, moved by Omax’s act of Valor salutes fake rolex watches and praises him. Dafe returns to his hostel and quickly changes to his nightwear, but alas Omax shows up with the School Prefects. He snitches on his best friend and Dafe can’t help but cry at the betrayal.

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