TAG Comics LLC announced today the Launch of a new mobile app which is specifically built for TAG comics fans. The landmark app, which can be accessed for free, is available on all iOS and android platforms. Featured comics include Dafe, Friends and All of Mishima, Godfall, Danfo, Kpakow and Generation Rapture. Users will also have access to exclusive merchandise as well as important, behind the scene videos and news updates. The TAG Comics App brings the world of TAG to iPhone, iPad and android users globally. The comics can be viewed at high resolution with a user-friendly search engine. TAG Comics worked with top industry experts to create a perfect app for new readers. It has an easy and friendly user interface which allows for seamless reading. Users who sign-in are able to leave comments on their favorite comics and also rate the comics. Additional features of the app include off-line viewing. For a limited time, the comics can be downloaded and viewed offline. This replica rolex comes in handy when readers want to access their favorite titles on a flight or in areas with no internet access.

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