Dafe and Aisosa are on their way to the Tuc shop when they are suddenly stopped by Osayi, the Ninja! (he is not a real ninja, he just likes pretending). Osayi berates Dafe for not living his life on the edge and invites him on an adventure outside the school grounds. Dafe knows that leaving the school ground was against the Mishima school rules, however he succumbs to peer pressure and follows his friend. To his delight, he is introduced to the world of video games and he willingly spends his food money on this. Osayi’s mother suddenly enters the game room and catches the two fake rolex boys having fun. She drags them to Mr Principal Sir and falsely accuses Dafe of negatively influencing Osayi. Tears roll down Dafe’s eyes as he listens in disbelief. If only he had ignored Osayi

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